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Season 1 was produced during the first 6 months of the pandemic and I had hoped to keep rolling with a follow-up after a short break. However, plans change and a year back teaching has meant a slightly longer break than I had planned. BUT...the first episode is being edited and interviews for the next ones are lined up...Humanish will be back soon.


Friday 3rd April, 2020



Welcome to Humanish.
The first mini-series of episodes are on their way and this trailer will give you an idea of what to expect.

The whole podcast is about sharing our stories and ideas. The stories we tell ourselves and each other shape the world we live in. I'll be having conversations with people from all different backgrounds to find out what makes us who we are? There will also be some one-off specials along the way.

Tuesday 19th May, 2020

40min 20secs


Special effects in movies are an aspect of the creative process that we often take for granted. Sure, we appreciate the big "gasp" moments, or tut something doesn't quite look right. Digital Visual Effects Artist Juan-Luis Sanchez reveals the bits we might not notice. Like toggles.

This bonus episode has been broadcast from a previous show with kind permission from Juan-Luis.

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Tuesday 12th May, 2020

49min 37secs


How often do you look up at the moon and think "people walked there?" It's not just a a technical, scientific achievement, but a testament to human imagination. Astrophysicist Professor Martin Barstow explains the achievements of Hubble in its 30years and how we are looking further into our Universe and into the past and our search for life. Poet and author Dom Conlon talks about the connection of art and space and how it inspired his book of poetry, This Rock That Rock. Join us for a voyage of beginnings and endings and imagination.

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Tuesday 5th May, 2020

31min 49secs


Rachael Smith is a comic creator who as well as contributing to existing titles such as Doctor Who, has built up an impressive catalogue of her own books like Wired Up Wrong, and The Rabbit. She has often confronted her depression and anxiety through her work and continues to build a loyal fan base. Over the last few weeks she has been sharing #QuarantineComix online – her daily observations of Lockdown life. This seemed like the perfect excuse to catch up and chat about her work and what gardening has got to do with comic creation. 

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Tuesday 28st April, 2020

35min 12secs


Back in the old world of September 2019, I met up with award winning transgender poet Jay Hulme in the beautiful surroundings of historic Bradgate Park in Leicestershire. Our conversation started about Jay's new book and poetry and for young people before we we dived head first into Victorian history, the scandal of the tabloids, and ...cannibalism.

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Tuesday 21st April, 2020

30min 09secs


Often how we make sense of the world around us is through stories and creating a narrative. Right now, it might be that you're turning to familiar stories and re-watching, or re-reading your favourites for comfort. What do we get from this? And what stories that might be produced in the months and years ahead to reflect this time? This episode I'm joined by writer and TV producer Jonathan Gilbert as we talk comfort viewing.

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*PLEASE NOTE this is an uncensored recording that contains one moment of explicit language.

Tuesday 14th April, 2020

34min 36secs


Theatre and football might have more in common than most people think. For Jenna Omeltschenko, (Touring Partnership Manager at the National Theatre) there is a deep rooted passion for both. One was bequeathed by family; the other developed by passionate teachers and the chance to inspire others to share their experience, their story.  This is an episode with roots that stretch from Hungary, Ukraine, Irleand, and Manchester to the South Bank in London.

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Friday 10th April, 2020

4min 37secs


This is a soundbite from the forthcoming episode with Jenna Omeltschenko, Touring Partnership Manager at the National Theatre.

The context for this clip is my question to Jenna about something that I've found quite common - a perception (often whispered quietly) that working in theatre education, or outreach and participation work is "less than" the "real" shows. It prompted such an impassioned response that it felt right to share it in its entirety. 

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Monday 6th April, 2020

40min 51secs


With her 40th Birthday around the corner, actor Tonia Daley-Campbell decided to write a book about the life she had led that meant she finally felt like her authentic self.  I decided to borrow that title for this episode as it perfectly encapsulated our conversation about overcoming barriers how we sometimes don't notice the steps we - or others - take.

Tonia is an actor from Wolverhampton, and also a producer across the performing and visual arts. We chat about dealing with imposter syndrome, and how a childhood audition for Wizard of Oz has led to producing a supernatural TV series and comic!

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Is it what we do? Our family? The things we love?

The title is explained more in the ABOUT in case you're wondering. "There a loads of podcasts with people just talking, why should I try another one?" might be a fair and reasonable question that you're asking. For a start, this podcast will be pretty varied with different series on certain themes. For example, the opening episodes will be conversations with people from very different backgrounds and careers about something they love. The next mini-series is focused on the work people do that affects how we interact with the world around us. There are also a couple of special one-offs that I'm quite excited about! Some of these podcasts will come with videos and all of them will be available to read as well. The podcast will be available on all your usual platforms from iTunes to Soundcloud, Acast, and Stitcher (links at bottom this page), as well as right here. You'll be able to click each episode to go to a dedicated page with a transcript of that episode. Please feel free to link up your friends and leave a rating on iTunes as that helps to promote the show. 

Get in touch via social media (links at bottom of this page) or you can use the form below, or email podcast@thehumanish.co.uk.

Humanish is a podcast of conversations about what makes us who we are.

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