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Creative Solutions is the best way of describing the approach I like to take with a whole host of projects that aren't as straightforward as "make a film" or "take some photos." Sometimes, it can be "how do we use theatre ideas to persuade museum visitors to go upstairs?" - a question I was asked to lead a response to for Leicester University

It sometimes starts with a question being asked such as "how can we do this?" and sometimes that then becomes a documentary, or a trailer, maybe a website, or a programme of workshops.

Sometimes it's a combination of these, or something totally different.

Being imaginative and flexible is key.

Leicestershire County Council


How do you get young people to maybe open up and share how they're feeling or what problems they might have? Particularly vulnerable young people who might not have a whole lot of trust. 


This was the challenge posed as we tried to think of creative ways of not only trying to help young people but to also give them something practical to do that could be fun and help improve skills.


The solution we chose to pilot was an interactive website with different sections and tasks to try out from music-making to storytelling. 


UK Youth Parliament


Working alongside the Leicestershire Youth Voice group, the challenge was to create a straightforward campaign that would appeal to young people aged 12+ to get involved with youth voice through taking part in the upcoming elections for young people.

Taking on board the youth groups ideas we came up with a short, fast paced trailer and a comic book style poster.


Art work and production by top illustrator and comic creator Rachael Smith:




Curve Young Arts Entrepreneurs


Over three years I worked on this new programme at Curve theatre. From the beginning I've helped design the programme and lead workshops. Assisting a new cohort of 16-25yr olds each year on their artistic and entrepreneurial development has brought many highlights. 


During the third year of the project I have also been documenting the project through photography and film.



curveonline YAE



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