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So You Want to Be...
Prison Officer.


Thursday 13th April, 2023

28minutes 30secs


How would you cope in a hostage situation? How about in a riot? 

When Jill Sunter made the big decision to swap the school run for the prison run, she might not have imagined the range of challenging and unusual situations she would find herself in.  

Let's go back to the 90s and a prison in Scotland...

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When Jill first got in touch and mentioned that she was once a prison officer, I didn’t really expect that we would end up with an episode that takes in gender roles, the virtues of murderers vs drug dealers, and nearly getting run off the road by a teenager.

The "So You Want to be..." series is about people who have had a big career change, or maybe make their living from an unusual occupation, and sometimes both.

These conversations always end up being about far more than just the job that someone does. Their choices, their struggles, and their triumphs reveal insights into the ideals and values we hold dear and what we as individuals bring to a community. 

Gods Among Men by Prox-c.

Elemental by ATUM​

Winds How by Ketsa

You can find out more about Jill's writing by following her on twitter by clicking here for @scotwriter

Jill in her uniform.
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