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Over the years I've made films for small projects in just a day or two, bigger projects over a year or so, and produced short and longer films for International companies as well as local charities and communities. 

I love working with clients to develop ideas into finished products that best communicate your message. On (rare) occasions I have also stepped in front of the camera.

From the beginning, what I have generally found to stand true is that it will be more fun, more effective, and a better film, if it's something I can connect with.

Local Offer

Interviews with young people and their parents/carers about their SEND and the support they get. 

The Pathway

A series of short films I made with Leicestershire County Council with young people, parents, carers, and staff about the 2 year Pathway programme.

Sounds Inclusive


Sounds Inclusive was funded by The National Lottery in partnership with the NHS Partnership Trust and Britesparks - an arts in mental health group. 

The project saw workshops and performances with established artists alongside mental health service users. I filmed this over the course of a year to document and evaluate the project. 

Phocas Software

The fun part of taking your ideas and process and applying them to different scenarios, clients, and challenges is that it's sometimes like starting again and you have to think about "how do we do this?" Quite often it's not a fancy solution. This was an enjoyable shoot as Phocas launched their new training academy to a full house at their head office.


(video in post production)



advert for Phoenix Square

It's not often I get the chance to work in front of the camera but this was too good to turn down. A really fun, and fast paced shoot in the summer of 2013 on location at Phoenix Square in Leicester. Produced by Workspace1 and filmed by MGL Media.


The advert is a short film to promote Phoenix Square and the facilities there and was screened before feature presentations within the cinema.

Chance for Change:
Action Homeless

A film for the charity Action Homeless about their new vision. Another one in front of the camera for me with a voice over that I also wrote.


The concept and make up was led by the talented Emma Fay with Kelly Odell and Charlotte Mahdoodi.



Jess Green - Curriculum451

Jess Green and the Mischief Thieves toured Burning Books around the country and at festivals and Jess is being supported by the Arts Council to write it as a play. In a break from the original tour and the educational work Jess does, we found time to record a new poem of hers that she wrote in response to changes in the curriculum.


Thanks to The Western for allowing us to sneak in early to film this.

Curve Young Arts Entrepreneurs

During the third year of this project at Curve theatre I documented the 10 projects by the 16-25yr old artists who were striving to turn their skills and talents into businesses.


We started by making short films about the individuals involved and their project. 


More on CurveYAE

Down Not Out


Down Not Out was a Community News Agency set up and run by people with experience of homelessness. 


Over the first few months of this project I followed the group (with their permission, I didn't act as a spy/stalker) and documented the first editions of their publication and some events. I also made some short profile films of those invovled.

Reusing in Derbyshire:
Seed Creativity

Animated film by Seed Creativity for Derbyshire County Council. I don't get to do voice work as often as I'd like as this was an enjoyable little job and a great chance to work with the talented team at Seed Creativity.

"Dear Mr Gove" by Jess Green


Jess and I had filmed a couple of her other poems before and I was keen to be involved in putting this one online.

It was still a surprise to see it fly past 30,000 views in four days and then get featured in The Independent. Hopefully, this might not only have the effect of giving some appreciation to the current situation in education, but also draw people to Jess' tour of "Burning Books."  


Article in The Independent

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