I have a confession to make - I love podcasts. I've been hooked for years and I quite like having to make long journeys because I know it's a great opportunity to get through a few episodes of my favourite shows. Although my collection is quite varied, the shows I enjoy the most are the ones that teach me something in a fun way that tell a story and also present a rich soundscape. 


For a few years I've been producing podcasts for fun and for clients and it is a real privliege to interview and meet fascinating people with all sorts of stories to share. Recently, I have produced several podcasts for the charity Youth Sports Trust.


It is always a thrill to see that thousands of people from all over the world enjoy listening to the stories and episodes I produce. Spanning several years, these were produced under the banner of More Fuzzy Logic.


In 2020, I produced the first series of a new show called Humanish . Covid 19 sort of caused a teensy problem with schedules and planning for the second series but hopefully it will be back soon.


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