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The Biscuit Reviews now has its own channel and web address and the previous episodes are slowly migrating their way over from Humanish so apologies for any glitches over the next week or so.

Here you'll find the podcast and written reviews of books, podcasts and TV shows and all signed off not with stars or marks out of 10, but instead a neat biscuit rating to give you more of a flavour of what it's like. 

Like: "This book gets a Jammy Dodger rating cos there's plenty to chew on and has a sweet filling."

The latest episode will be on this front page but you can use the menu to skip to books, podcasts, or TV shows and go to each individual review.


Do you have a fave book/podcast/TV Show that you think is a bit of an undiscovered gem? I'd love to hear about it. You can get in touch via the contact page for Humanish and submit anything in written form, or send a voice note to, or we could arrange to have a podcast chat:


Episode 9:
Children of Memory
and Possible Worlds and Other Stories

20th October, 2023

25min 30secs

A sci-fi double bill that takes us to the far reaches of the universe and to the distant future and back again. 


Adrian Tchaikosvky concludes his astonishing Children of… trilogy with Children of Memory. Building on the combination of evolution, biology and tech in the previous instalments, this final chapter goes darker and deeper into what we even mean by “real”. It is also quite frighteningly current with some of the themes and like classic sci-fi, often acts as a warning. 


Dr Rachel Handley is a philosopher at Trinity College and a science fiction author and poet. She joins me to chat about her collection Possible Worlds and Other Stories. A hugely entertaining book that delivers thought provoking and vivid stories with a wry sharp sense of humour. Oh, and a world of crabs.


Adrian Tchaikovsky:

Dr Rachel Handley links:

All music in the episode is by Ketsa.

(Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

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