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20 years of teaching in and out of the classroom has allowed me to develop and enhance my practice. 


From workshops and lessons; to directing large-scale shows, I have enjoyed enriching the learning experience using creativity and individual learning. 

I have also devised and delivered a range of projects based on different subjects in collaboration with schools and Universities. 

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Documentaries, promos, music videos; I've enjoyed bringing a creative eye to help produce the right film for every project. With my one-man crew of equipment, I love swapping from interviewing and filming to editing and producing.
If you need images for your events, rehearsals, live performances, gigs, or promotional shots I'm more than happy to have a chat about how we can achieve what you need.


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My role as a Creative Producer has encompassed a variety of roles such as writer, actor, director, and producer, and I have been working in this field for 17 years, including time as a Performing Arts teacher.


This skillset has enabled me to design and deliver projects within education for schools and Universities; documentaries about social heritage; creative solutions for Museums; theatre and film productions, and web design.


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As Director at More Fuzzy Logic, I loved leading the range of podcasts as a producer, editor, and also as a host.

Scripting and mapping out episodes, booking guests; and then shaping the final piece in the editing suite all make podcast production my favourite creative project. From interviewing BBC journalists; to athletes, to award-winning authors and comics - it's genuinely exciting to capture these conversations.


As well as producing audio for clients, in 2020 I produced the first series of my new show Humanish.



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