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My name is Nathan Human and I've had a lifetime of - hilariously - being asked "Ha! Are you HUMAN?"


The jokes kept coming and got worse when I became a teacher. On one occasion after I wrote my name on the board, someone added 'ish' at the end. What at first seemed like a bit of an insult soon became something I identified with: a bit different, not quite like everyone else, not defined by a name. I liked that. Isn't that how most people feel?


Over the years I've tried to keep an enquiring mind that looks for the different, as I've moved from teaching to making theatre, film, podcasts, photography, working with charities for mental health and the homeless, and creating education projects.

If you'd like to know more about my education work, you can click here.


So when I decided to make a new platform to share the conversations and stories I was having and creating with other people, I thought Humanish would be an ideal name.  I hope you can join me for the podcast as well as the other content coming via videos and blogs.

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