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The Biscuit Reviews No.6:

Witch Podcast series by India Rakusen BBC Radio

Isabella & Blodwen by Rachael Smith

In the 13 part podcast series Witch, host and journalist India Rakusen and her team create a spellbinding series with each half an hour episode artfully exploring different aspects of what “Witch” can mean and how it has changed over the centuries.

Artist, writer, and comic book creator Rachael Smith has built a loyal following with her autobiographical comic strips. Isabella & Blodwen dives back to her fantastical fictional work and brings together precocious 16 year old Isabella and the chaotic witch Blodwen who vows to help her as she struggles with life at Oxford University.

Listen below or click links above to listen on Spotify, Amazon, Apple etc. 

The episode starts with Witch, but you can skip to 7minutes 20second if you just want Isabella & Blodwen review. For the full write up, go here for Witch, and here for Isabella & Blodwen.


All music in the episode is by Ketsa.  (Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

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