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Comfort Stories

What's your comfort viewing of choice?

There are times when we crave the new. Something fresh, something exciting, something surprising. Often, there is a lure, a cache to be being early or something new - one of the first to watch and comment on a new band, TV show, or film. We can have a tingly adrenaline rush as we get to form new opinions and share them and then shout at strangers on the internet about how they're totally wrong and clearly didn't understand it.

But other times, stranger times, difficult times; we want the familiar. We yearn for it. That favourite old TV show we sink into like a cocoon of cooing reassurance. That safe film whose very soundtrack is a lullaby of protection.


Human beings don't cope well with uncertainty, something which has probably become a lot clearer and understandable in the first quarter of 2020. How many times have you tried to find something to read or watch and simply said "I'm not in the mood for that?" Or you've been tired and instead of that new show you've been meaning to watch, you notice a repeat of something old is on - it's not even one of your favourites - and you decide to just watch that 'till you pass out with a half eaten Kit-Kat in your hand and a cold mug of tea next to you.

My next episode of the Humanish podcast is all about these comfort stories. One of my guests is used to the making as well as watching TV shows and offers perspective from both sides of the screen.


I've love to hear from you about what you watch or read or listen to for comfort. You can leave a comment below, or use the contact form here or - even better - record a short comment about your current comfort stories and email it to

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